Sell Your Diamonds At Great Prices!

We buy all diamond jewelry.

Regardless of the specifics of your diamonds, we will purchase them at a price that is fair and accurate based on its conditions or features. We guarantee optimum prices that will completely compensate you for your piece. Any size, quantity, cut, color, and condition will be accepted!

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Checking for authenticity

A diamond is worthless if it isn’t authentic. So, to ensure that everything that is brought into our business is real, we employ a modern process that uses state of the art technology to test the diamond. This process is comprised of three individual procedures that guarantee accurate results: heat absorption, electrical conductivity, and a final visual test. Our experts perform the test and offer the best prices.

Behind our Appraisals

We have a team of experienced experts who are well trained on how to properly appraise diamonds. This process allows us to analyze the item and ensure that it is authentic along with identifying the particular features it is comprised of, that impact the final value and price that we offer to you.
We make this determination based on a variety of categories that assist in our examination. One main aspect that we look at is the carat of the diamond. This is a measurement that is made off of its total weight. Another thing we look at is the aesthetic appearance of the piece. This includes the color and clarity — how clear the diamond is. Lastly, we determine the cut which shows how the diamond releases and takes light in. Altogether, these features can be compared to make a final decision on the worth of the diamond.
Once it has been completely evaluated, we research the market rate on the specifications of your diamond and offer a fair market price.