Sell Your Gold Jewelry With Confidence!

Are you trying to sell your unwanted or old gold jewelry but don’t know where to start?

Here at Precious Elements, we consistently provide our customers with thehighest compensation for their gold. Regardless of the size, quantity, or specific category we will purchase any unwanted pieces that you bring in.
Our team at Precious Elements performs a simple process that quickly evaluates your gold jewelry piece to offer you an accurate quote. As soon as the value has been determined, you will get paid on the spot (if you accept the offer). We focus on transactions centered around high-quality customer service that is sophisticated and based on transparency.
Our customers are always provided with exceptional service as a result of our friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere; you should never feel pressured into any proceedings when it comes to selling your precious products. We strive to always try and meet our customers’ needs at a fair price that will help them get the top dollar payment.

Certified Specialists

Our professional buyers at Precious Elements are certified and trained to perform an analysis of your gold to ensure that an accurate estimate is made that takes into account all of the special characteristics of your item. Each of our employees have the resources needed to expertly provide these services. This contributes to our promise to always produce honest evaluations.

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Buyers of GOLD

What we do

Any unwanted gold that you own can be easily sold through a no obligation process when you come to us. We purchase all types of gold no matter the type in order to ensure that anyone’s needs will be fulfilled. These include gold coins, outdated gold watches, broken jewelry, or any other item you want to get rid of. No more wasting time on confusing or complicated processes of selling gold. You can always feel comfortable when you are selling your gold to us. No hidden fees; no gimmicks!

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